Ann Sayre Wiseman

Fishmarket Elmina So. Africa Ghana, placed at New Chardon Temporary Home for Women and Children Ann Sayre Wiseman’s artwork donations have been a welcome addition to The Art Connection portfolio since 2002. Ann passed away in April 2013 and her artwork lives on at our partner agencies, as well as at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum and in the 14 books she wrote on crafting, creativity, and expressive therapy. We honor her life’s work.

Gale (Provincetown) Scalloper, placed at East Boston Neighborhood Health CenterAnn, who signed her work “Ansayre”, donated 44 artworks through The Art Connection. As of August, 2013, 43 of those works have found homes in 29 Boston-area social service agencies. Ann was always delighted when her artwork was selected, and her joy was shared at the agencies who selected the works.


Provincetown Sandflats       Provincetown Shore Cottages

1 Yellow Flower on Deck Chair, placed at The Family Justice Center of Boston“I discovered the joy of painting at age three… in Greenwich Village, New York where we could paint as many pictures as we wished, making drips without the reminder we were ‘wasting paper’,Ann wrote. She continued making art throughout her lifetime and according to her son, Kiko Denzer, “She followed her art and her practice right up to the end; her departure made for an educational exchange that included looking and talking and listening, teaching and drawing and telling stories — with everyone who walked into her room. We all participated, and in the end, we all received gifts of beauty and grace.”

Papaya, placed at Cambridge Health Alliance - Assembly SquareAnn’s life and art unfolded in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maine, New Hampshire, France, Italy, California, Israel, Sweden, the Bahamas, Indonesia, Greece, England, Holland, Bermuda, Turkey, Russia, Ghana, India, and Oregon. In Ann’s words, “Art was my path to freedom, originality, and uncharted creativity, with license to step outside the rules, the “box”, travel, and celebrate the wonders of nature.”

Zihuatanejo, Margarita, placed at East Boston Neighborhood Health CenterAnn’s Boston roots were deep, including 13 years as an adjunct professor and Masters recipient at Lesley University, and a program director at the Boston Children’s Museum Visitor Center.

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