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Violence Intervention Advocacy Program

The Violence Intervention Advocacy Program (VIAP) treats all victims of violence who enter via the Emergency Department at Boston Medical Center. It is a peer model run program that provides crisis intervention, case management, mental health services, and reconnection to educational, vocational, and other community services. VIAP assists victims of violence and their families in recovering from physical and emotional trauma through empowerment. Continue reading Violence Intervention Advocacy Program

Renu O’Connell

“As an artist I have immersed myself in the philosophy that in artmaking, the meaning matters. This I learned from my wonderful art mentor, Kate Ransohoff. To this extent my paintings in tempera and acrylics depict stories and insights relevant to us and the natural world we live in.” Wise words from one of our beloved art donors, Renu O’Connell. Continue reading Renu O’Connell

Project Citizenship

“Clients often tell us that the art reminds them of home,” says Jacob Brescia-Weiler, a summer intern at Project Citizenship. Considering that Project Citizenship’s mission is to educate immigrants about the benefits of citizenship, and to help permanent residents overcome barriers to naturalization, getting clients to feel at home in their facilities is a big deal. Continue reading Project Citizenship

Jack Lillis

It was serendipity that brought artist Jack Lillis and The Art Connection together, despite living on the other side of the US in Northern California. A friend residing in the South End “sent me an article about an art auction or sale sponsored by The Art Connection at the Cyclorama building on Tremont Street in Boston. I held on to the article for a few years before I contacted The Art Connection,” remarks Lillis. “Like many artists, I had a lot of artwork that I had made over many years, and I thought that it would be better to have some of it placed where many people could see it, rather than stored in my studio.” Continue reading Jack Lillis

Welcome Chanel Thervil as Program Manager

14333784_1183129668406908_1086486495676533450_nChanel Thervil is a mixed media artist and educator intrigued by all things generated through combining art, education, and community. While she considers herself a New Yorker at heart, she is excited to explore all that the Boston arts scene has to offer through engaging with artists and organizations that use art to enrich and inspire the public. Her warmth and passion for spreading the joys of art will be a great addition to The Art Connection team.

Check out our announcement via Vertical Response here.

To learn more about Chanel and her work in the arts check out her staff bio here and her website by clicking here.